Part 2: The Meeting

So here comes this big ol’ guy out of an old truck. He was wearing an orange and blue striped shirt which few other men could pull off. It suited him. And in case you forgot, he was wearing the shoes that he had found in his grandfather’s closet. He made sure to talk about them as soon as we were within shouting distance. This was my first hint that Jared doesn’t have a quiet voice.
These aren’t just any shoes. His grandfather had paid someone to make them especially for him… back in the 70’s. They have a HEEL on them. A big platform heel. I thought… “What a weird-o!”
We sat at the bar in Ruby Tuesday and had a few drinks and talked about whatever random stuff came to mind. I was having a good time, but I was not interested in him “that way”. Besides, Steph had warned me as any good friend would. And then we had our first conversation which we both actually remember.
I asked him if he thought a guy sitting at the bar was hot or some such nonsense. After he gave me a strange look I said, “A guy who wears shoes that have a bigger heel than anything I own can’t like girls! I’m sorry… I just thought you were gay.” Will, Steph, and I laughed and laughed. Jared stewed, or steamed, or pouted, or sulked… and glowered at me.
A few minutes later Jared said, “Don’t you need to leave soon? Don’t you need to go to work”? I said, “No… who goes to work at 8 pm?” To which the smart-@$$ who would one day become my husband said, “It’s almost time for the 2nd shift at The Mouse’s Ear. Won’t you be late?” I turned bright red and had nothing witty to say in return. I was just stunned. For those of you who haven’t enjoyed life in rural East Tennessee… The Mouse’s Ear is a strip club… where the ugly girls who can’t strip at a nice club work. WHAT A JERK!
The night ended with Steph and Will having a car accident. When we finally got them home, Jared was being kind of obnoxious. I cussed him. A lot. We spent the night at Will’s house and Jared and I shared a twin bed. I wasn’t aware that you could sleep on a twin bed without touching, but we managed it that night.
I called Steph the next day and we talked. I told her that he was cute… but she was correct in the fact that he was not a guy I would want to date. But I was kinda hoping to get to see him again at some point.

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