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My husband has many talents… But interior decorating is not one of them.

26 May

I placed a pretty decorative bowl on top of my gorgeous antique cedar chest today…
I walk back into the living room later to find that GWH thoughtfully arranged our beer coozies in the decorative bowl.

When I mentioned I had a nice place DOWNSTAIRS for them… he said, “but I thought it was a nice touch!”


Fabulous New Floors!

15 Apr

The floors are finished in Tennessee. It’s been a long journey full of crazy ups-and-downs. For a few weeks we thought they weren’t going to get done before we moved in. Things worked out in the end!

This is what we started with…

The first step was sanding…

He was able to get out all the bad spots!

Let the staining begin…

We picked out a much lighter more natural stain.


They are still very shiny/glossy right now… They will lose a bit of that shine because we chose a more matte finish. Just have to wait for them to dry. The hallway and bedrooms were all done like this. I will take more pictures when we are allowed to walk back there.

Only thing left to do now is get socks for my dogs. I don’t want them anywhere near these floors!

Mrs. Dear

New Paint! Spring Break spent with paintbrush in hand!

24 Mar

Last week was Spring Break. I had a big Therapeutics test today so I haven’t been able to discuss the fun that I had over Spring Break. I spent the whole week hanging out with my sister-in-law with paintbrushes, paint, and lots of wine and coffee.

Here’s what we did!

My beautiful light gray living room which really shows off the beautiful pink marble fireplace. It looks just how I pictured it in my head. Notice the 1 light hanging down. That is the only light in this huge room. Hoping to fix that soon.


The hallway was painted about 2 shades darker. I love this color. Trying to decide where to use it next!

This is my beautiful blue bedroom. The color is called porpoise gray… but it is the most beautiful color of blue that I have ever seen. I am so excited to spend the night in this bedroom. I plan on doing white furniture but leaving the wood trim in here. And doing brown and white bedding.

This is my bright green office. YES! It really is this bright in real life. I love it. I think its going to be an enjoyable space to spend my time as I finish up my last year of pharmacy school. Hard to get bored studying in here.

These are some pictures of the basement. It needs a lot of work. It has stuff from 6 different families in it, and has been used for storage for many years. It has been flooded due to some pipes bursting which required the tile to be pulled up. Before this week, it was almost impossible to walk through. Since Christmas, we have taken 4 trailer loads of stuff to the dump, and 2 trailer loads of furniture to donation places. The 1st picture is a storage room that has boxes that still need to be gone through. Jared scraped up all the tile in here during Spring Break. The 2nd picture is going to be the coolest hangout in Friendsville. Picture a ping-pong table, a pool table, a big tv and lots of chairs for watching FOOTBALL! And lots of deer heads, turkeys, and other animals we have stuffed/mounted throughout our home. The last picture is the kitchen downstairs. It is on its way to becoming my own bar to hang out in. Already have the shot glasses lined up in the cabinets.

So this is basically the halfway point upstairs. Just need to have the wood floors redone and get our furniture there.

Downstairs has a long way to go, but as long as its ready by the 1st weekend in September… I can deal with it.

House Pictures – Before

10 Mar

For those who don’t know… Jared and I are moving back to Tennessee in June. (Actually late May, 80 days from today exactly, but who’s counting?) We are blessed to be able to move into the house that his mother was raised in. It was built by her parents in the late 1950’s.

His grandmother had a very eclectic taste in decorating, and toward the end of her life decided to do the whole house in pink (think Pepto-Bismol) and blue. Pink carpets, pink curtains, pink and brown tile in one bathroom. Blue and pink bathroom on the other end of the house. Lovely blue toile wallpaper in the bedrooms. Lacy blue curtains. Basically, not one room fits in with any decorating scheme that Jared or I would ever be able to live in.

This blog is going to serve as a Before/After view of our renovations.  And also a sounding board for decorating ideas. I have good intentions, but I am definitely NOT an interior decorator. On that note, I will let the remaining pictures speak for themselves.

The peeing boy statue and the pink curtains are unfortunately not going to make it into the new design! The Friendsville TN Pink Marble Fireplace is!

There are no words… Can’t wait for this to be GONE!

Love the Wood Trim… and all the light from the windows. Did I mention there are no light fixtures in the ceiling of the living room?

Wall opposite the fireplace.. Leads into bedrooms and bath

Floors will be refinished soon.. Its going to be amazing! The pink carpet had to go!

Currently, the walls are being sprayed with drywall to give them some texture. It’s called California Knockdown and it will be gorgeous. More importantly, it will help smooth out the walls. I forgot to mention earlier that Mrs. Peters liked to use coarse sand in her paint to give the walls texture, and she also painted in an enamel-like paint. It’s interesting. There were places on the walls that needed to be patched, and there was no way we could add the right texture to the new spots to make them match. And sanding down the old paint was out of the question because we are pretty certain that the base coat is lead paint! Exciting, I know.

My wonderful sister-in-law and her awesome boyfriend have been working tirelessly to get the walls sprayed so they can be ready for painting during my Spring Break. I am pretty sure that I will use a gray in the living room, either green or blue in the office (which will eventually tie into the nursery colors when it becomes a baby’s room (hopefully a girl) in 3 years or so), a very light beige in the dining room (it’s called simplify beige… could there be a better color for a dining room full of primitive americana junk?), and plain ol’ white in the kitchen because I just love a white kitchen.

I haven’t picked a color for our master bedroom yet. (It will eventually be our little boy’s nursery so I am undecided. I really don’t want to have to paint again.) We are also buying a new bed and bedding so I don’t have anything to work with yet in there. My husband’s input consists of “I like Antique White”, so he’s not really useful in the whole paint color decisions.

The pink/brown bathroom will stay that way for a while. Downstairs I plan on having a black and white bathroom, and maybe using some of the gray from upstairs for the walls in the game room and downstairs kitchen/bar area.

Here is a quick preview of my vision of the living room right now. I’m trying to pull a gray color out of the fireplace stone. So far, I like “Mega Greige” by Sherwin Williams.

Painted this with Sherwin Williams online thing. I like the gray with the wood trim. Never had to paint around dark trim before. Oh, and the curtains make the ceiling look pink. I’m probably just going for a nice crisp white up there.

So that’s it! I have a really great idea for window treatments. But I will save that for a later post. I sliced open my finger over the weekend, and typing is not real easy right now. Comments? Suggestions?