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Sittin’ in the woods

18 Dec

It is not yet 9am. It is 33 degrees out. I am sitting on the ground. In the past 90 minutes, the woods have just absolutely come alive. For those of you who don’t hunt, it is a beautiful sight and wonderful to hear. You walk in and everything is just dark gray with darker shades of gray and black. You sit down and settle in. Slowly… colors start to appear and then you hear faint rustling. The first birds start to chirp. Squirrels begin climbing and jumping from limb to limb. Off in the distance the squirrels start barking at a hunter who slept a little late and didn’t make it into the woods in time… busted! As a new hunter, this all still amazes me. I love it and want to share… so I take off my gloves and pull out my phone. Remember that its 33 degrees. My fingers are now frozen. Putting the gloves back on and leaning back into this beautiful old oak. Come on deer!