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GWH Is In A Magazine!

27 Apr

In the May issue of Great Days Outdoors magazine, which is a monthly magazine about Outdoor Life in Alabama, my husband is mentioned in an article, quoted, and also has a photo which spans 2 pages.

This article was written by Matthew Lofton. He is married to one of my dear friends in pharmacy school, Laura. Laura and I decided to set Jared and Matthew up on a fishing trip one weekend to get them out of our hair. They became friends quickly and fished a lot together.

Matthew was asked to write an article for the magazine about cat-fishing. He asked Jared to take him out and show him how to jug fish. You can read about their day in the article.

Here is what the article looks like in the magazine.

I scanned the 4 individual pages. You should be able to click each small picture which will take you to another window with a larger image so you can read the article.

Mrs. Dear


What Happens When The GWH Babysits Your Kids!

19 Apr

Warning! If you allow my husband to watch your children…

They may go fishing!

And they will never be the same!

This is one of the reasons I married this man! He loves kids and they love him!

(and I don’t have to do a lot of grocery shopping when he’s constantly hunting and fishing!)

Alex and Konner went jug fishing!

Konner caught this one! It's as big as he is!

Jared’s youngest nephew Konner! 2 peas in a pod!
The Crew! Bunky, Jared, and Lil’ Bunkie… The Captains! Konner and Alex
Anybody Hungry? Fish Fry at Bunkys!
They caught a few!

Some Catfish Pictures

10 Apr

I wanted to try out the new slideshow feature on the site… Here are pictures of a few of the big ones we have caught jug fishing.

There is also a picture of Scott holding a nice catfish. Scott deserves his own post one day. He is one of the best friends that Jared and I have.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mrs. Dear