Meigs Mountain Trail Hike 2-19-11

22 Feb

On February 18, GWH and I went hiking in the Smoky Mountain National Park. We hiked part of the Meigs Mountain Trail, starting behind Elkmont. This was supposed to be a 4.6 mile round-trip hike with a couple of small waterfalls, a few creek crossings, and a cool old dam at the end.

On the way there, GWH got pulled over for swerving. After the park ranger was sure that we hadn’t been drinking, I explained that my VERY ADHD husband had found an awesome fishing hole and had pulled over to the side of the road to check it out. She was pretty understanding and told us about a few fly-fishing holes that she knew guides often took fishermen too. Never a dull moment in this life.

Anyways, the hike was supposed to start at a parking lot… which has since been shut down. Add about an extra mile to our round trip total now. And this was supposed to be a pretty flat easy trail so that we could get our hiking legs back in shape before starting anything new.  The new parking lot leads you up a large hill… to an even larger hill… where it connected to the parking lot we thought we were starting at. After this very uphill start, the trail flattened out and we were able to start paying more attention to the views. The first waterfall came right after this bridge.

Here is the view from the bridge… with my good-lookin’ Great White Hunter looking on…

This is a huge chunk of quartz right on the trail… very sparkly in person… this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Beautiful trail… Beautiful view

GWH hiking

Looking down into the holler…

There were a few more creek crossings that we thought.


We saw signs of animals everywhere… Here is ground torn apart by hogs…a tree torn apart by a newly awakened bear… and some hairy poop.





Here is me crossing a creek… It starts with the approach which involves me walking all the way up to the creek until my tiptoes are wet… studying every rock carefully…

throwing out my arms for balance… and running as fast as I can with my eyes closed while I pray not to land in the water completely soaked from head to toe…

and a beautiful (mostly) dry dismount to the other side…

I did all 17 creek crossings this exact same way! When I was younger, I tried to drown in a creek that was just over 3 inches deep… I had to ride home wrapped in blankets while my parents drove with all my clothes hanging out of the car from the windows so they would dry. It tends to make you a little more cautious… it also tends to give you the nickname “Miss Grace.” Anyways…

There was this beautiful tree along the trail…

It was so beautiful on this hike. It is an old growth forest and you could see forever. We saw a bunch of (flock?) of grouse (grouses? greeses?) on the trail. There were quite a few creek crossings though. More than a couple! One last shot of the river…

And a beautiful gate which I have no idea of the purpose of…

Overall, we really enjoyed this hike. The “dam” was so old that there really wasn’t anything there but a pile of rocks. GWH isn’t much for hiking to nowhere so he was a little disappointed. There were a few spots that were a little steep, but once the trail levels out it is a really nice easy hike. We may hike this again in the spring though. It will be even more beautiful with all the rhododendron bushes in bloom. There is a backcountry campsite we may stay at, and then continue farther down this trail to The Sinks. I hope to post more pictures of hikes in the future. I forgot how much I loved hiking in the Smokies!


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  1. Mrs. K February 23, 2011 at 11:23 AM #

    good ole Smokies!

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