A Christmas Miracle… and it’s not even December!

29 Nov

This year for Christmas I really wanted to do photo cards with a picture of us and the dogs. I have been planning this card since before Halloween. Then I started buying Christmas presents and realized I couldn’t afford cute photo cards this year. The joy of being a student… I get to say “maybe next year when I’m a pharmacist” a lot!
Then I heard that shutterfly is offering 50 free photo cards to bloggers, just for writing a blog. I love shutterfly and have used them before to make a beautiful calendar with pictures from my wedding. You can make one too… just visit Shutterfly’s calendar section. I already know they make great quality products so I am excited to see the photocards.
I plan on doing a black-and-white photo with some red accents. If you want to see my favorite cards, scroll to the bottom of the post… or you can just wait until you receive it in the mail and be surprised. I LOVE SURPRISES… AND CHRISTMAS… AND CHRISTMAS SURPRISES!

Go to their website and pick your favorites.

If this picture turns out as beautiful as I imagine, I have thought of having it printed on canvas and using it as a Christmas decoration every year. You can turn your favorite picture into beautiful canvas art by going to this link.
Or you can buy me gift cards to shutterfly so I can decorate my home and I would love you forever.


Here are my top 3!


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