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24 August, 2010 18:55

24 Aug

nothing like reading bear precautions before you go out for a hike…. my favorite lines are… “the following suggestions may help”….”if the bear seems to be getting agitated”… and last but not least… “fall to the ground in a fetal position to reduce the trauma of the attack”
my preceptor told us a story of a friend of his who curled into the fetal position… the bear latched on to his elbow. The pain was so unbearable he flattened out and the bear took a chunk out of his butt…. Later they pulled a tooth out of the guy’s elbow.
He made it into a necklace… when his butt finally healed and he was allowed to sit instead of laying belly down! I will be hiking the Appistoki Falls trail tonight.
Happy trails!


One week in Montana…

6 Aug

This place is awesome! I am really enjoying my time in the pharmacy this week. I am doing inpatient pharmacy this week which involves making IVs and entering orders and counseling patients at discharge. I got to make a banana bag yesterday! I was really excited about it but I think the pharmacists here think that I am a dork.
The pharmacy crew spends most nights after work hanging out together. It usually involves hiking and alcohol… or some dinner and alcohol… or looking at the stars and alcohol… I fit in well! I have tried 2 local dark beers here… Pigs Ass and Moose Drool. Both were great and my preceptor loves that i drink dark beer!
We have done a short hike in the park and yesterday we went to the park lodge to hang out. This picture was taken on the lodge porch at sunset. The guy in the picture is my preceptor Harold. He obviously said something to make Lanae laugh. Megan is on the right. Sorry for the quality. I am taking pics of my laptop with my phone. bye for now!