Road trip to Montana – Day 2! missouri iowa minnesota…

31 Jul

we have been on the road for about 16 hours now… we stopped in St. Louis for the night last night. As we crossed the Mississippi there was a lot of rain and fog. The arch looked awesome. You could see the bottom all lit up but the top was lost in fog… looked like it was going though the clouds and up to the sky. Really really cool!
This morning we drove through Missouri. I turned off the interstate and drove about 100 miles on some highway. So glad we did! It was really pretty. But its sooo flat. This girl is ready for mountains!
We hit Iowa next. There was a lot of corn… with soybeans to break up the montony. We did stop in Le Mars. The ice cream capital of the world. I had white chocolate caramel nut… in a waffle cone. That was the best part of Iowa.
We are currently in Minnesota. Tried to visit Pipestone national monument but it was a trail you had to hike. It was getting dark so we had to skip it. (sad face) Hoping to stop near Fargo ND tonight.
Petting zoo story to come!


One Response to “Road trip to Montana – Day 2! missouri iowa minnesota…”

  1. Amanda July 31, 2010 at 9:39 PM #

    Can’t wait to read more about your travels!

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