Our Perfect Day

8 Jul

GWH and I had decided that Monday was OUR DAY. We were going to spend it together… with nobody else… except our dogs. We had no major plans, but we were pretty sure it was going to involve mountains. This all came about due to the fact that apparently I could be a hermit… while my husband is a social butterfly… (My husband as a butterfly – Mental Picture – I’m laughing out loud!) Anyways, we are always hanging out together… with other people around. GWH has lots of friends and we have dinner with them or go on the boat with them or fish with them or hang out at their house. I love it!! BUT sometimes I wish it was just THE TWO OF US…. So…. I nagged and whined and complained about never spending time with him just the 2 of us and he promised we could. I hate that I turned into a nagging wife… but it worked and I’m so glad we spent the day together.

Here’s a recap:

We started the morning by cooking breakfast together for my sister and her boyfriend, Jeremy. I love my sister and we had SOOO much fun. And this new guy is pretty cool. Much better than she normally brings home. Actually… I liked him a lot! Anyways, we had a great breakfast of fried taters and onions, and scrambled eggs with salsa. We talked and laughed and then they headed off to Kentucky. Good day at this point.

GWH and I decided to head to Citico.. He would trout fish and I would take pictures (because I don’t have a fishing license in Tennessee yet. You have to wait 90 days after getting your TN drivers license to get a resident hunting/fishing license. DUMB!) Here are some pretty nature shots. I love the mountains! And I love chasing GWH around on the rocks. I also love laughing at my dogs out there. Great day at this point.

Another part of our plan was to cook out somewhere. I bought GWH a Coleman Roadtrip Grill for Christmas and we haven’t had a chance to use it. We decided on hot dogs. We stopped at the store for buns and grabbed some coleslaw so we could have slaw-dawgs. He also bought us a steak. We are steak people in case you didn’t know. We drove to the top of the mountain and found a pull-off. We had a beautiful view of the surrounding peaks and the clearing was full of wildflowers/pretty weeds. We pulled out the grill and cooked our dawgs and steak and heated up a can of pork & beans. We pulled up our chairs to the tailgate of my truck and dug in!! It was AMAZING! One of the best meals ever!! Awesome day at this point.

We drove some more and GWH kept pointing out all the rhododendron bushes which were flowering. Then we turned a corner and saw… A BEAR!!! A beautiful black bear ran across the road right in front of us. It was so beautiful and so FAST! It charged through the bushes and demolished them. I love bears! I wasn’t able to get any pictures of these events because he drives too fast.. notice the blurry pictures.. and the bear ran too fast. Almost perfect day at this point.

We drove all the way to Tellico and saw bald river falls.. then headed on to Coker Creek…

The dogs enjoy road trips too. They have different riding styles. One is ready for take-off and the other is sleek and fast.

We ended the day with root beer floats from A&W.

And THAT is how you have THE PERFECT DAY! (menu included)



One Response to “Our Perfect Day”

  1. Mrs. K July 8, 2010 at 7:14 PM #

    I know what you mean about hangin’ with everyone else. My husband does the same thing and I know he thinks it’s quality time for “us” but I have to gently remind him that I don’t consider that us time. ha
    By your words and pictures, it does look like you had the best day! And I’m glad Amanda has found a winner 🙂

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