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Road trip to Montana – Day 2! missouri iowa minnesota…

31 Jul

we have been on the road for about 16 hours now… we stopped in St. Louis for the night last night. As we crossed the Mississippi there was a lot of rain and fog. The arch looked awesome. You could see the bottom all lit up but the top was lost in fog… looked like it was going though the clouds and up to the sky. Really really cool!
This morning we drove through Missouri. I turned off the interstate and drove about 100 miles on some highway. So glad we did! It was really pretty. But its sooo flat. This girl is ready for mountains!
We hit Iowa next. There was a lot of corn… with soybeans to break up the montony. We did stop in Le Mars. The ice cream capital of the world. I had white chocolate caramel nut… in a waffle cone. That was the best part of Iowa.
We are currently in Minnesota. Tried to visit Pipestone national monument but it was a trail you had to hike. It was getting dark so we had to skip it. (sad face) Hoping to stop near Fargo ND tonight.
Petting zoo story to come!


Part 2 is (Finally) Here!

13 Jul

A few months back I decided to start writing the story of how I became a “trophy wife” to my GWH – Great White Hunter. Part 2 is finally here. I will try to type a little faster for part 3.

It’s a love story and it’s personal and probably not for everyone.

If you aren’t into the lovey-dovey stuff then you will just want to ignore these updates… but then you will never be privileged to know the story of how I met the person God sent for me.

If I haven’t lost you yet…


Or you can go to the Story Of Us Main Page and read from the beginning!

12 July, 2010 23:12

12 Jul

One word… Worthless.
She has been asleep like this for hours.

Not That Kind of Girl

10 Jul

My in-laws have a house on the lake. It is wonderful. We spend a lot of time at their lake lot just swimming and hanging out and eating. Lots of eating. Not gonna go there because I promise to have at least one blog that doesn’t talk about food… or wine… eventually! ANYWAYS……

One of the best things about their spot on the lake is that it is very close to a boat ramp. This particular boat ramp is kind of a steep angle. It gives inexperienced boaters trouble… and therefore, our family gets a LOT of laughs. Also, it doesn’t have a dock so you have to pull your boat in as close to shore as possible and hope you don’t get wet while getting out to get your truck.. or other vehicle. Do you know that people try to pull their big fancy boats with cars… or minivans? I find this odd. ANYWAYS…

One particular day from earlier this summer came to mind today and I thought.. I need to share this.

The sun is starting to set and boats are coming in off the lake. A nice boat pulls in to the ramp. A guy wearing a cowboy hat is driving. Cowboy hat and jeans on the lake… We laughed but didn’t think much about it. The girl with him jumps out to go get the car. The “cowboy” didn’t pull very close to shore so she got pretty wet. We laughed at him being so “considerate”. The girl is backing their truck down and we notice the “cowboy” is holding…. THEIR CAT!!! He had their cat on the boat… and he was holding it and petting it…. While the GIRL backed the truck down and hooked up the boat. “Cowboy” didn’t pull up on the trailer so she walked then strap down and cranked the boat all the way up onto the trailer!! All this time he was still loving on his cat!

At this time my father-in-law says fairly loudly.. You don’t deserve to wear a cowboy hat! I was dying from trying to hold in my laughter. The girl pulls the boat out of the water onto dry land and HELPS the “cowboy” get down out of the boat.

We all just sat there staring. I still can’t believe I saw that. The men in the family all laughed and said, “Honey, why don’t you do that?” or “Why aren’t the women in our family like that?” That would be because they all married strong, independent, and (most importantly) stubborn women!!

Now, I know how to do all the things that this girl did… and I take pride in that… but I am more proud of the fact that my husband knows that anytime we are in the boat together, he does all the work while I sun myself and act like the trophy wife I am!

Love, Laughter, The Lake! – Life is GOOD!

Our Perfect Day

8 Jul

GWH and I had decided that Monday was OUR DAY. We were going to spend it together… with nobody else… except our dogs. We had no major plans, but we were pretty sure it was going to involve mountains. This all came about due to the fact that apparently I could be a hermit… while my husband is a social butterfly… (My husband as a butterfly – Mental Picture – I’m laughing out loud!) Anyways, we are always hanging out together… with other people around. GWH has lots of friends and we have dinner with them or go on the boat with them or fish with them or hang out at their house. I love it!! BUT sometimes I wish it was just THE TWO OF US…. So…. I nagged and whined and complained about never spending time with him just the 2 of us and he promised we could. I hate that I turned into a nagging wife… but it worked and I’m so glad we spent the day together.

Here’s a recap:

We started the morning by cooking breakfast together for my sister and her boyfriend, Jeremy. I love my sister and we had SOOO much fun. And this new guy is pretty cool. Much better than she normally brings home. Actually… I liked him a lot! Anyways, we had a great breakfast of fried taters and onions, and scrambled eggs with salsa. We talked and laughed and then they headed off to Kentucky. Good day at this point.

GWH and I decided to head to Citico.. He would trout fish and I would take pictures (because I don’t have a fishing license in Tennessee yet. You have to wait 90 days after getting your TN drivers license to get a resident hunting/fishing license. DUMB!) Here are some pretty nature shots. I love the mountains! And I love chasing GWH around on the rocks. I also love laughing at my dogs out there. Great day at this point.

Another part of our plan was to cook out somewhere. I bought GWH a Coleman Roadtrip Grill for Christmas and we haven’t had a chance to use it. We decided on hot dogs. We stopped at the store for buns and grabbed some coleslaw so we could have slaw-dawgs. He also bought us a steak. We are steak people in case you didn’t know. We drove to the top of the mountain and found a pull-off. We had a beautiful view of the surrounding peaks and the clearing was full of wildflowers/pretty weeds. We pulled out the grill and cooked our dawgs and steak and heated up a can of pork & beans. We pulled up our chairs to the tailgate of my truck and dug in!! It was AMAZING! One of the best meals ever!! Awesome day at this point.

We drove some more and GWH kept pointing out all the rhododendron bushes which were flowering. Then we turned a corner and saw… A BEAR!!! A beautiful black bear ran across the road right in front of us. It was so beautiful and so FAST! It charged through the bushes and demolished them. I love bears! I wasn’t able to get any pictures of these events because he drives too fast.. notice the blurry pictures.. and the bear ran too fast. Almost perfect day at this point.

We drove all the way to Tellico and saw bald river falls.. then headed on to Coker Creek…

The dogs enjoy road trips too. They have different riding styles. One is ready for take-off and the other is sleek and fast.

We ended the day with root beer floats from A&W.

And THAT is how you have THE PERFECT DAY! (menu included)