Outside my window…

26 May

This is reason #472, 473, and 474 of why Tennessee is better than Alabama. My gorgeous husband (472) gets to mow all 2 acres (473)… and I get to sit in the living room and watch out of the huge picture windows. (474)

Outside my window is our beautiful yard… the church parsonage… the church is to the right just out of this picture… with a pretty cemetery (not a creepy one, thank god)… and then lots of trees and pastures. Did I mention my good-looking husband is out there too? yum! (sorry!)
What is not out there? Horrendous amounts of pollen… 1000% humidity… and not a single stoplight for almost 5 miles. Pretty sure that was reasons 475, 476, and 477!

One Response to “Outside my window…”

  1. Jenn June 1, 2010 at 10:37 AM #

    Haha I love the reasons why tennessee is better than Alabama. Sadly I’m stuck in Alabama with my soldier for at least another year and a half.


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