Mammaw Ruby

8 May

Today marks 11 years since my wonderful grandmother went to heaven. She was such a sweet woman. And the best word to describe her would be eccentric. She was truly One-of-a-Kind!

She is at least partly responsible for my love of painting, my love of sports, my love of anything to do with being outdoors (especially fishing). She also convinced my mother to let me start shaving… way after all of my friends had been allowed to. Thanks for that Mammaw.

I miss her and think about her almost every day. Even 11 years later. And I never see a rainbow without knowing that she is sharing in my day. I especially loved the Christmas rainbow last year which finally helped GWH understand what I was talking about.



While I do occasionally feel sad when I think of my Mammaw Ruby… I also feel amazingly at peace. As cheesy as it sounds… I feel her presence and influence in my life on a daily basis.


Happy Mother’s Day Mammaw!


2 Responses to “Mammaw Ruby”

  1. Aunt Bette May 8, 2010 at 9:37 PM #

    Aunt Ruby you were always the best! You and Uncle Gurney took me under your wing when I was little and taught me so much. Thanks for some wonderful years and see you in heaven some day! love ya Bette

  2. Bobbie Sue May 10, 2010 at 8:15 AM #

    Great story Jennifer! I have many similar memories of her. I really love the fact that she talked Aunt Rita into letting you shave….since it was Aunt Rita that talked my Mom into letting me shavefor the first time with you guys, in the mountains, in a creek. I am sure your first shave was a much better experience! One that I will never forget none the less! One more of the many reasons why I love our family! I always loved the mystery Granny Rubt Christmas gifts! You could always count on Chocolate covered cherries and Juice boxes! I miss getting those! And Billy Ray, what else can you say…No one could pull off that hair do but her!

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