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27 May, 2010 09:53

27 May

Notice our beautiful mantle where I placed a nice framed picture of our 2 wonderful dogs….
Notice the bottle of scotch and crown that got placed in front of the picture sometime later.
I had hoped that having a bar area fully decked out downstairs would help GWH’s frat boy decorating style to shine… apparently he wants to show off his incredible sense of style throughout the house.
On a completely unrelated note… the cable guy is here. I am trying to add cable to 2 rooms in the house which never had cable before. He hates this house… a lot… I just looked outside and apparently he has called a friend to join in his misery… They are gonna be here awhile. Updated story at 11… when I have internet and dont have to text this from my phone.


My husband has many talents… But interior decorating is not one of them.

26 May

I placed a pretty decorative bowl on top of my gorgeous antique cedar chest today…
I walk back into the living room later to find that GWH thoughtfully arranged our beer coozies in the decorative bowl.

When I mentioned I had a nice place DOWNSTAIRS for them… he said, “but I thought it was a nice touch!”

Outside my window…

26 May

This is reason #472, 473, and 474 of why Tennessee is better than Alabama. My gorgeous husband (472) gets to mow all 2 acres (473)… and I get to sit in the living room and watch out of the huge picture windows. (474)

Outside my window is our beautiful yard… the church parsonage… the church is to the right just out of this picture… with a pretty cemetery (not a creepy one, thank god)… and then lots of trees and pastures. Did I mention my good-looking husband is out there too? yum! (sorry!)
What is not out there? Horrendous amounts of pollen… 1000% humidity… and not a single stoplight for almost 5 miles. Pretty sure that was reasons 475, 476, and 477!


21 May

I am posting from the road… following my husband and lots of our junk in the uhaul trailer.
I can admit that I started to cry as we did our last walk-through and locked up. Its sad to leave our first house… where we learned a lot and grew so much stronger in our marriage… And Im really going to miss our neighbors Mrs. Betsy and Mr. Ray. But I am so very ready to be HOME…

Thank You Thursday! May 13

13 May

Warning you in advance… this might be kinda lengthy… I’ve had a lot going on and I’m bubbling over with excitement and thankfulness.

I am so thankful to be moving back to Tennessee!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have had anything to do with my success the last 993 days (or 2 years, 8 months, 19 days) while I have been in pharmacy school. Thank you for your prayers, your cheers, your shoulder when I just couldn’t control my tears, your calculator when my hands were shaking too bad to calculate my own grade, and any school supplies, coffee, queso cheese dip, hot chocolate, or other necessities you gave me that I just couldn’t have survived school without. Even if all you did was read my facebook message and tell me how excited you were for me to come home or tell me that you knew I could do “it”… I HONESTLY COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!

I still have 365 days until graduation… but I no longer have to sit in class… study for tests… or live in Alabama!!! THANK YOU!!

I am thankful that I got to celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage last week. It would have been better to celebrate with Jared… but Mexican food and margaritas before class… with Heather and Laura… was a pretty awesome second.

I am thankful for all of the people who thought of me on my birthday on Monday… especially those whose only present for me was a prayer for me to pass my test. I really felt special. Even though I feel old at 27… I guess it’s better than the alternative!

I am so very thankful because in 24 hours, I will be sitting in a beach house with some of the bestest best friends a girl could ever ask for. The Hearty Girls may be an extremely eclectic group, but I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything… not even extra salt on my margarita glass! I think that says it all!

I am thankful that God created us in his all-knowing way and allowed us to cry tears of joy. I have been blessed with tears of joy so many times in the last 993 days… I’m surprised I can even type this with all the tears streaming down my face. Isn’t it amazing to be so overcome with complete and utter joy and happiness that all you can do is cry?

I am so thankful for my very blessed life… and I’m not sure if I mentioned how thankful I am to be MOVING BACK TO TENNESSEE!


Mammaw Ruby

8 May

Today marks 11 years since my wonderful grandmother went to heaven. She was such a sweet woman. And the best word to describe her would be eccentric. She was truly One-of-a-Kind!

She is at least partly responsible for my love of painting, my love of sports, my love of anything to do with being outdoors (especially fishing). She also convinced my mother to let me start shaving… way after all of my friends had been allowed to. Thanks for that Mammaw.

I miss her and think about her almost every day. Even 11 years later. And I never see a rainbow without knowing that she is sharing in my day. I especially loved the Christmas rainbow last year which finally helped GWH understand what I was talking about.



While I do occasionally feel sad when I think of my Mammaw Ruby… I also feel amazingly at peace. As cheesy as it sounds… I feel her presence and influence in my life on a daily basis.


Happy Mother’s Day Mammaw!

Finishing school… FOREVER!

4 May

this is the last class i will ever be sitting in with my “hearty girls” distracting me and keeping me entertained.
tomorrow is my last class with our whole group of 2011 grads. the last time we will all be together… period.
my final class EVER is friday.. where i have to do a presentation.. (prayers are needed!) then 2 tests…. and its ALL OVER!