19 Apr

I really, really, REALLY hate packing. There aren’t even words really. I always put it off and put it off and wait until the day night before it has to be loaded into the truck and moved. Then when it comes to unpacking, well… let’s just say that I have boxes in closets in my house here that I packed up while moving dorm rooms over 5 years ago. Probably don’t even need to sort through them. But I will. I don’t think I’m ready for that Hoarders show yet… but maybe they can have an “Intervention: Before They Become Hoarders” episode and come help me out.

Then there is the actual act of loading the truck to move. It ALWAYS rains. I have been so excited about getting stuff packed this week to load in a truck this weekend. Mostly because I had plans on Friday and most of Saturday. I could leave the boys to their work. Then I would unintentionally get to stay in Alabama drinking wine and eating junk food while Jared and Scott travel back to Tennessee and do all the unloading/unpacking. Turned on the Weather Channel this morning…

So much for being lazy while the boys do all the work. Now I will have to probably wait for another weekend. And I am running out of excuses as to why I just can’t be around when it’s time to load the truck.

I also hate that I have half a pack of Double-Stuf Oreos here and NO MILK. This leads me to another thing I hate… the grocery store.

To balance out all the hate… Here are some things I love:

My Mom – she’s coming to visit.

My dog – she’s awesome.

Sudafed – We are BFF!

This weather – It is currently 57 degrees out. Time for a hoodie! 🙂



  1. kacysue April 19, 2010 at 3:29 PM #

    packing blows. I do not envy you right now.

    57 degrees? That’s what it is here. Feels great!

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