Fabulous New Floors!

15 Apr

The floors are finished in Tennessee. It’s been a long journey full of crazy ups-and-downs. For a few weeks we thought they weren’t going to get done before we moved in. Things worked out in the end!

This is what we started with…

The first step was sanding…

He was able to get out all the bad spots!

Let the staining begin…

We picked out a much lighter more natural stain.


They are still very shiny/glossy right now… They will lose a bit of that shine because we chose a more matte finish. Just have to wait for them to dry. The hallway and bedrooms were all done like this. I will take more pictures when we are allowed to walk back there.

Only thing left to do now is get socks for my dogs. I don’t want them anywhere near these floors!

Mrs. Dear


One Response to “Fabulous New Floors!”

  1. Amanda Taylor April 15, 2010 at 8:30 PM #

    I like socks for dogs. That’s a fantastic idea. I want a cowboy hat for Chance. No real purpose, but how awesome would that be?

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