No More Buffets For Us

6 Apr

Jared and I have decided that we are not going to eat at buffet restaurants anymore. This is a big sacrifice for us because we love those kinds of places. Jared normally enjoys several trips to the salad bar… while I tend to visit the dessert section, especially when they have a soft-serve ice cream machine. Two incidents have led us to this decision.

The first occurred in Tennessee at a new Chinese Buffet. We walked in right when they opened. They were still setting out food and utensils on all the bars. We made a trip through and (luckily) loaded up our first plates heavily. While walking back to our seats, another man started walking around getting his food. He sneezed… multiple times… while standing in the middle of all the buffet tables… Sneeze… take 3 steps… sneeze… take 3 steps… Thankfully he was sneezing into his elbow and not his hand before grabbing utensils but still… EW! Jared and I decided to go up for our second round and as we had mapped out where that guy was sneezing, we managed to avoid all contaminated parts of the buffet. We just ate all the new stuff they had put out since he had walked back to his seat. While we were in the middle of eating our second plates of food, Mr. A. Choo made his second trip. As I mentioned before, they were still putting out utensils for some of the food. Jared and I just borrowed tongs or spoons from other dishes. Mr. Choo decided to just use his own personal used fork and place food onto his dirty plate. I always wondered why they had those signs about “Please bring a clean plate each time.” My stomach churned the rest of the day.

Tonight, Jared and I went to the local Golden Corral. We love this place because they normally have a really great salad bar and a LARGE dessert section… including aforementioned ice cream machine. On Tuesdays, they usually have a clown there doing balloon animals for kids. We always laugh because we usually end up there on Tuesday even though we have no kids. We just enjoy watching the kids run around like crazy with their balloons having sword fights or whatever. The clown is not very good at making balloon animals or swords or really balloon “anythings”. It’s just entertaining. Well today, Dora the Explorer showed up instead of a clown. The balloon “somethings” were out in full force, and I’m pretty sure our waitress was wearing a balloon hat that resembled male genitals.. but I’m rambling…The main issue with Dora is that she had a bubble machine, and decided to walk around all the tables and buffet areas with her bubble machine shooting stuff out everywhere.. A bubble machine… in a restaurant! EW!

Hamburger Helper sounds better and better.


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