An Interesting Day at Work

4 Apr

This afternoon, a very large woman walked into our pharmacy. She said, “I need to sit in one of your chairs for a minute. I am so out of shape anymore that I just can’t stand up for very long.” Obviously we didn’t mind at all. She had 2 boys with her, a 7 or 8 year old and 3 year old.

The problem started when she pulled out her shopping list. She would name an item and then have her older boy go get it for her. If he came back with the wrong size/kind she would send him back to try again. The younger boy was sitting and coloring at a little kid’s table that we have set up in the waiting room. But he would get up a lot and run around. She would say, “Stay close little man…  ” and when that didn’t work she would say, “Okay.. but don’t go to far”… and he wandered all around our store. About 45 minutes later, her older boy had finished her shopping. She sent him up front to get an empty shopping cart. He then had to take the full one up front, pay for their stuff, and go start the car and turn on the air to get it cool. She sat for a few more minutes before standing up and using the empty cart to help her walk out of the store. Now, I am not trying to be mean. I understand that some people can not help the size they are. She may have had a sickness, or an accident, or some other problem which kept her from being able to exercise or walk long distances. I wasn’t real impressed with the way she made her son a gopher, but again, not my place to say anything, and I don’t know her situation.

My problem with her came as they were leaving. I was busy with a customer. I heard her get up to leave and tell her little boy to hurry up. I heard a crash and heard her say, “Did you cause a mess?” I didn’t pay any attention and finished whatever I was doing. Then, I left the pharmacy to use the bathroom. As I came out from behind the counter, I realized that the big crash I heard was the kid dumping all the crayons out of the box and onto the floor and tipping over the chair he was sitting in. I walked through the store just in time to see them go through the door. I decided it wasn’t worth chasing her down to make her kid come clean up his mess. I went back and straightened everything up. I looked at the pharmacist and he just said, “…and that’s the problem with the world today.”

For some reason, this has just grated on my nerves the rest of the day… How do you just sit there and not care enough to make your child mind? And how do you not tell him to clean up his mess he made in the middle of the store?

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. It is surprising how many people aren’t surprised to see that you are open on Easter Sunday. And of course, I love the people that say, “Wow, its awful that you have to work today! On Easter? It’s so nice outside” … while they stand there waiting for you to ring up their prescription that has been filled for 3 days and they could have picked up at anytime.

On a happier note, when I got home my neighbor called and said, “I am coming to your house, and bringing you a plate of food!” I got ham and green beans and tater salad and a deviled egg! πŸ™‚ So sweet! I didn’t mention that I had stopped at Taco Bell on the way home and already eaten. it will be nice to not have to cook tomorrow on my day off from school. πŸ™‚ Also, the floors in the TN house will be done next week. He is starting on Tuesday! I am so excited.

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter Day. I reread “The Shack” and it gave me a lot to think about today. What amazing love Jesus showed us… and how amazing that God would send his only begotten Son to save us. “True that!”, said Jesus!


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