Thank You Thursday #3

2 Apr

Thank you to the nice lady that rang me up at the grocery store on Monday. I appreciate that you did not comment or laugh at the fact that I bought a week’s worth of lean cuisines… and a large box of those chocolate cupcakes with the crème filling. Not everyone is as tactful as you.

Thank you to my sister and my sister-in-law. For everything. Y’all are amazing women… and I am so blessed to have you both in my life.

Thank you to our amazing God. Not only did you know me before I was born, but you had already made my perfect match in this world. Thank you for making Jared just for me. He has gone above and beyond normal husband duties this week.

Thank you for the beautiful weather we have had this week. There is nothing as relaxing as sitting under a shade tree with some of your favorite people and eating lunch on a beautiful day.

Thank you CVS for being open on Easter Sunday… regular business hours… how rude!

Thank you tech people at Samford for forgetting to set up the printer on that 1 computer in the lab. I can’t afford to pay for printing and I would have used most of my free pages today if it weren’t for the secret computer.

Thank you for puppies, and box wine, and milkshakes, and “the Oregon trail” game on my phone… which are all necessities for passing pharmacy school.

That’s my list for the week.

Be sure to go to Our Imperfect Life… who started this wonderful weekly habit.


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