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GWH Is In A Magazine!

27 Apr

In the May issue of Great Days Outdoors magazine, which is a monthly magazine about Outdoor Life in Alabama, my husband is mentioned in an article, quoted, and also has a photo which spans 2 pages.

This article was written by Matthew Lofton. He is married to one of my dear friends in pharmacy school, Laura. Laura and I decided to set Jared and Matthew up on a fishing trip one weekend to get them out of our hair. They became friends quickly and fished a lot together.

Matthew was asked to write an article for the magazine about cat-fishing. He asked Jared to take him out and show him how to jug fish. You can read about their day in the article.

Here is what the article looks like in the magazine.

I scanned the 4 individual pages. You should be able to click each small picture which will take you to another window with a larger image so you can read the article.

Mrs. Dear


reason #48 -cast iron skillets!

24 Apr

reason #48 – why i love being a southern girl!
This one has cooked 2 meals already today and is sitting on the stove ready to prepare my breakfast in the morning! (with a little help from GWH!)
the best part is that washing it out requires a little hot water and no soap or scrubbing!
i have also learned that a southern girl can make an outstanding pineapple-upside-down-cake in one of these. (i will blog about that one day!)

have a great night and use your cast iron skillet sometime this week!

i also just noticed the florida gator coozie sitting beside the canisters. only in the south do girls have a coozie supporting their favorite football team. (or maybe that’s just me!?) (reason #49?)
-mrs. dear

I love football!

23 Apr

No, really… I LOVE football. There is just something about it that makes me feel like all is right in the world. It’s a vital part of my fall (and spring during draft time) … I think I will have to write a longer blog about this obsession as football season nears.

For now… I will leave you with this.

25th pick overall! Take that draft analysts!!

With all the craziness surrounding professional athletes these days (think Tiger and Big Ben)… it’s great to see a genuine nice guy in the news.

I’m excited to finally have a professional team to cheer for… even though their jerseys are similar to Auburn’s colors. Ew!

Countdown To The First SEC Game of the 2010 Season

This is the South Carolina game. They are playing Southern Miss.

Add about 1 day and 12 hours and you are counting down to

the first COLLEGE GAMEDAY of 2010.

AKA “Mrs. Dear” drools over Kirk for the first of many Saturdays.

A few more hours and


HOST MIAMI (OH) to kick off another awesome season of Blue and Orange!


Mrs. Dear

Thankful Thursday

22 Apr

It’s been a good week. Here’s the list!

-I’m thankful that tomorrow is Friday. It means I get to see my husband for the first time in a few weeks.

-I’m thankful for my husband. I’m blessed to have a man who loves me this much, even though sometimes he drives me bonkers!

-I’m very thankful for the Denver Broncos. TIM TEBOW deserved to be first round!

-I’m so very thankful for my Momma. I love having clean laundry and a large part of my house already packed.

-I’m thankful for Scott. I’m glad that we have someone who we can count on no matter what. He has helped us move EVERY time!

-Thank you Dr. Kyle for the antibiotic review. I learned more in that (extremely long) review session than I did in 3 semesters.

-Thank you Lanae for keeping me updated on the draft picks while I was away from a TV. TRUE FRIEND RIGHT THERE!


If you want to see what more people have to say.. check out

Have a great weekend!

What Happens When The GWH Babysits Your Kids!

19 Apr

Warning! If you allow my husband to watch your children…

They may go fishing!

And they will never be the same!

This is one of the reasons I married this man! He loves kids and they love him!

(and I don’t have to do a lot of grocery shopping when he’s constantly hunting and fishing!)

Alex and Konner went jug fishing!

Konner caught this one! It's as big as he is!

Jared’s youngest nephew Konner! 2 peas in a pod!
The Crew! Bunky, Jared, and Lil’ Bunkie… The Captains! Konner and Alex
Anybody Hungry? Fish Fry at Bunkys!
They caught a few!


19 Apr

I really, really, REALLY hate packing. There aren’t even words really. I always put it off and put it off and wait until the day night before it has to be loaded into the truck and moved. Then when it comes to unpacking, well… let’s just say that I have boxes in closets in my house here that I packed up while moving dorm rooms over 5 years ago. Probably don’t even need to sort through them. But I will. I don’t think I’m ready for that Hoarders show yet… but maybe they can have an “Intervention: Before They Become Hoarders” episode and come help me out.

Then there is the actual act of loading the truck to move. It ALWAYS rains. I have been so excited about getting stuff packed this week to load in a truck this weekend. Mostly because I had plans on Friday and most of Saturday. I could leave the boys to their work. Then I would unintentionally get to stay in Alabama drinking wine and eating junk food while Jared and Scott travel back to Tennessee and do all the unloading/unpacking. Turned on the Weather Channel this morning…

So much for being lazy while the boys do all the work. Now I will have to probably wait for another weekend. And I am running out of excuses as to why I just can’t be around when it’s time to load the truck.

I also hate that I have half a pack of Double-Stuf Oreos here and NO MILK. This leads me to another thing I hate… the grocery store.

To balance out all the hate… Here are some things I love:

My Mom – she’s coming to visit.

My dog – she’s awesome.

Sudafed – We are BFF!

This weather – It is currently 57 degrees out. Time for a hoodie! 🙂

Thank You Thursday – Tax Day

15 Apr

I missed this last week, so I am thankful that I have the chance to do one this week… Even though I REALLY should be studying.

I am so thankful that it’s Thursday and this EXTREMELY STRESSFUL WEEK is almost over.

  • This week I am mostly thankful for food. Especially:
    • Chips and Cheese Dip
    • Shiraz
    • Double-Stuffed Oreos (Thanks Dr. Wensel… I don’t even remember why you brought them up in class yesterday but I have been dreaming about them constantly… and purchased some today at the store.)
    • Big ol’ baked potatoes smothered in chili, cheese, and sour cream. Pretty sure this is what the Bible was talking about when it mentions manna from the heavens. I have learned that it is brain food, and I know for a fact that this combination has played a role in my successful (near) completion of pharmacy school.
    • COFFEE! Especially my Hazelnut flavored coffee that I bring out for special occasions… like Therapeutics tests.
    • Turkey – courtesy of Mr. GWH.

    I am so very thankful for my amazing friends at pharmacy school. It hit me yesterday that these amazing women who have impacted my life so much over the last 2 and ½ years are going to be heading their separate ways in a few short weeks. I’m gonna have to blog about that later.

    I am also thankful for my wonderful friends who are waiting patiently on me back in East Tennessee. We have so much to catch up on… and so much cheese dip to eat… and so much wine to drink… and so much FUN to have… to make up for these 3 loooong years in Alabama.

    I am thankful that I passed “the test” and was able to successfully walk by Dr. Dumb@$$ without pushing him down the stairs. I am also thankful for my friends who realize what a huge accomplishment this was and also how freakin’ hilarious this was!

    I am as always MOST THANKFUL for an AMAZING GOD

    While I appreciate all that you have done for me in pharmacy school… as I near completion of my third year… I will NEVER forget how you got me through my P-2 year. I now fully understand the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

    I also thank God for keeping my husband safe as he drives from AL to TN and back on an almost weekly basis these days.

    And now I must really study for this blasted Therapeutics Test!