Thank You Thursday – The Original

11 Mar

This is a time to say honest “Thank You”s for the past week… even though some of them may be sarcastic. I am copying this idea from a great site. You can get to it by clicking on the button.

Thank you to my wonderful friends who struggle daily with me through pharmacy school. Your laughter makes the long days of sitting in a windowless classroom much more bearable.

Thank you to my amazing parents. For everything.

Thank you Mountain Brook CVS for firing me. I had a great time at work last night here at the CVS in Center Point. I don’t miss you even a little bit.

Thank you God for letting me have a peaceful night’s sleep. No nightmares for the first time in about 2 weeks. It was great! I feel so much better today! Thank You Again.

Thank you Taco Bell for screwing up my order… twice. I was really tired after a long day of work, and I’m glad I was able to make it all the way home to my starving husband before realizing you had left out his entire half of the order. Then, after driving all the way back and standing at the counter (feeling very uncomfortable because it’s not the best part of town to be in after dark) waiting for you to remake his food… you give it to me wrong. We asked for chicken, not your grade-D beef. Thanks! While I do thank you for your 5-in-a-row 100 health scores… some customer service would be great!

Thank you to my kick-a$$ washing machine and clothes dryer.  You are older than me and still kickin’ it. You amaze me with your ability to handle loads too big for most commercial washers. You are awesome. And I especially appreciate the fact that you are so easy to work on and that you have inexpensive replacement parts. I will never give you away on!

Thank you Mr./Mrs. 6 o’ clock person. You know who you are. When the pharmacy closes at 6. It means we walk out the door at 6. Unfortunately, we would be fired for turning you away. So keep on walking in after the gate is already closed and locked. I am more than happy to have you slide your Viagra prescription under the gate so I can fill it and have you slide your money under aforementioned closed and locked gate so that you can have a great evening. At this point, I will be coming home 30 minutes late and my husband will be mad at me because the wonderful dinner he cooked me is cold… and he drank the whole bottle of wine by himself. Thank you Mr./Mrs. 6 o’clock person. I didn’t really want to hang out with my family anyways.

Thank you CVS in Maryville for putting up with my gypsy lifestyle. I show up in town and expect work… and end up getting free dinner from a drug company. You guys have been a wonderful part of my life!

Most importantly, Thank you to the intelligent woman (i know it was a woman) who decided all those years ago to take out her anger (i’m sure her husband did something stupid) on a basket full of grapes. Wine has been the best part of my week! 🙂

Hope everyone had a great week! Next post coming to you from Friendsville, TN! 🙂


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