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My First Blog

21 Feb

Why?? Because everybody is doing it! Most notably, my sister, who is a much better writer than me. Check her out here – Manda’s New Blog!

And because I am such a list nerd.. my plans for the blog are:

  • It’s a way for my favorite pharmacy friends to keep up with me when we go on rotations in 101 days!

  • Its a way for me to share my decorating plans for the house in Tennessee, and to get them critiqued when I do something really awful!

  • To post more detailed stories about my random Facebook status updates.

  • To have yet another thing to blame my procrastination and lack of cleaning house on!

I hope it is entertaining… or at least not boring… or at least something that gives you an excuse not to clean your house either!

“The first sign of a dull woman is an immaculate house!”

Thanks for at least giving it a look!